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The Meal Prep

It all started with the humble meal prep....

Eating Clean

Helping our Tribe, our Ohana, eat better and feel better.

The Demand

Turns out, they loved it so much, they wanted to be able to use our Marinade/Sauce at home! And so we give you...

Award Winning Gluten Free Product Line

Made with Aloha in New Mexico, for cooks around the world.


Having breakfast and decided to use some Hawaiian Riptide Heritage Marinade on our scrambled eggs!!! Absolutely delicious!!!

Rudy D.

The kitchen smells so good, meat is ready for my lunches along with the chicken that is sitting the marinade, yummie! Viva Riptide!

David H.

AMAZING flavor!! Can't wait to try it with everything! Will definitely need more!

Jennifer D.

Thanks Ray & Sue that Fish Marinated in that Hawaiian Riptide was delicious. Mayra has me smiling Ear to Ear with this meal. Woooooo Good Lawd!

Reggie D

How we used our HERITAGE MARINADE! Grill was out of gas, so I cooked some chicken with the marinade in a skillet. I also sautéed spinach in the marinade and topped the chicken. Served with a side of herb roasted potato fries. DELICIOUS! p.s. we made burgers the next night with the marinade, leftover sautéed spinach, and smoked gouda! SO AMAZING! 

Theresa B.

Hawaiian Riptide is the perfect addition to any meal! Mmm mmm good!

Janice G.

So delish on sushi!

Melanie W.

Riptide Heritage Marinade worked well with our fishes and grilled Chicken skewers! Contact @hawaiianriptide for your Marinades!

David C.

You gotta do it especially with pulled pork and grilled chicken! I injected some turkey and it made it so tender, juicy but the flavor, even afterwards, the aroma is in your house first of all - it's very aromatic. I would probably just open it up and drink it - I'm telling y'all it is even good on salads and for dipping.

Monalisa A.